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In our specialized store in Zurich we offer you a wide selection of ski- and snowboard equipment for adults, juniors and children for rent. Daily, weekend, week or seasonal rentals are available for:

  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Ski boots
  • Snowboardboots

New or used, beginner or professional, skier or snowboarder – in our store in Zurich we have the right and suitable product for you. We have permanently the best choice of quality equipment.

You find the actual prices here. Any questions? Visit us or give us a call or send a mail.

Price list saison 2017/18

Ski for adults

With a rental ski of Skirental Zueri you can hit the slopes with no worries – the right equipment for your skiing level, perfectly tuned ski, the right binding adjustment and a satisfaction guarantee.  Choose from a wide selection of new or used skis depending on your budget.


  • Basic ski from Fr. 190.00
  • Top ski from Fr. 250.00
  • Premium ski from Fr. 350.00
  • Freeride ski from Fr. 280.00

Men premium sportskis
Men alpin premium skis
Women premium sportskis

Women alpine premium skis
Men all-mountain skis

Ski boots for adults

Skirental zueri also carries a wide range of ski boots for men and women for rent or buy, new or used, high performance or comfort. Ask for our lease-buy program which is the smartest way to buy your boots. Rent it for a season and then buy it out.


  • Comfort boots from Fr. 100.00
  • Sport boots from Fr. 125.00
  • New boots hire-purchase

Women skiboots
Men skiboots

Ski und Ski boots for children and juniors

Rental is the way to go for children and juniors. The right lengths of ski according to ability and body height, the suitable and comfortable skiing boots and the right poles – the total equipment for a lot of fun in the snow, always with the possibility to exchange components if your child grows during the season.


  • Carverski Set from Fr. 88.00
  • Sportski mit woodcore from Fr. 190.00
  • Junior race ski Set Fr. 250.00
  • Twin Tip Ski Set from Fr. 190.00
  • Snowboard Set from Fr. 200.00

Children carver / freestyle set
Juniors sport- / racingski set


Skirental Zueri offers a good selection of boards and boots for children, juniors and adults, for beginners or ambitious riders. For children, we offer very attractive set prices.


  • Snowboards from Fr. 200.00
  • Snowboard boots from Fr. 80.00
  • Children Set from Fr. 200.00

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